This website uses the TAM Font Encoding (Recognised by the Government of Tamilnadu, India) -

which is the Standard Font Encoding scheme for Thamizh.

In order to view the pages in this site, you need a TAM  font which can be downloaded from the link below. 

The instructions for installing the same is also given below:

To view the "BAKTHI" WEB SITE
you will need to download the following:
(Recommended Resolution 800 X 600 or more)

Download the below font



Steps to Install Thamizh Fonts:                                          

Step1: Download the file Amudham2000.ttf  and save the file in a drive / folder of your choice.

Step2: Go to Start Menu, select Settings, select Control Panel, select Fonts.

Step3: Select file option, select install new font.

Step4: Select the location where the font is saved and click ok. The font will be installed in your machine.

Step5: Make the Encoding (under View menu)  as "User Defined" and refresh the page, if necessary.

Now you can read the Thamizh pages.

While Browsing, ALWAYS make the Encoding (under view menu)  as "User Defined"

Use Netscape 5.0 or higher OR Microsoft Explorer 6.0 or higher for best performance

If you are using previous version of Netscape or any other browser, the following instruction will be useful
  • Open Options.........General Preferences..........fonts/colors and
  • Change the proportional font to Amudham2000 (or whatever is needed) and
  • Press OK.
  • After you are done viewing the document, do not forget to reset the proportional font to whatever Roman font that was there before.

For more instructions, please send your feedback to:

mail to: